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GAUSS Platform

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The GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System is an interactive environment, featuring a fast matrix programming language widely used by scientists, engineers, statisticians, biometricians, econometricians, and financial analysts.
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GAUSS with time series plot.

The GAUSS Platform is an interactive environment, featuring a fast matrix programming language widely used by scientists, engineers, statisticians, biometricians, econometricians, and financial analysts.

Designed for computationally intensive tasks, the GAUSS system is ideally suited for the researcher who does not have the time required to develop programs in C/C++ or FORTRAN but finds that most statistical or mathematical "packages" are not flexible or powerful enough to perform complicated analysis or to work on large problems.

Whatever mathematical tool or language you are now using, you'll find that GAUSS can greatly increase your productivity!

Comprehensive Environment for Modeling and Analysis

GAUSS is a complete analysis environment suitable for performing quick calculations, complex analysis of millions of data points, or anything in between. Whether you are new to computerized analysis or a seasoned programmer, the GAUSS family of products combine to offer you an easy to learn environment that is powerful and versatile enough for virtually any numerical task. Since its introduction in 1984, GAUSS has been a standard for serious number crunching and complex modeling of large-scale data.

Worldwide acceptance and use in government, industry and the academic community is a firm testament to its power and versatility. The GAUSS System can be described several ways: It is an exceptionally efficient number cruncher, a comprehensive programming language, and an interactive analysis environment. GAUSS may be the only numerical tool you will ever need.

Interactive and Fast

For simple problems GAUSS provides a fully interactive environment for exploring data, creating scenarios and analyzing results. For more complex tasks, you can write programs and save them to disk. GAUSS is exceptionally fast, providing performance comparable to compiled C or FORTRAN programs. And unlike other math packages, GAUSS' speed is equally impressive when working with problems of very large scale.

Straightforward and Efficient

While many GAUSS users never find a need to program extensively, for those who do, GAUSS provides a natural and logical environment that is easy to learn and powerful to use. At the core of GAUSS is an efficient programming language adequate for doing even the most sophisticated analysis. The basic unit of analysis in GAUSS is a matrix, resulting in a syntax closely resembling common mathematical expressions. Since matrix operations are assumed, most of the looping required by other languages is eliminated. The Data Translation Loop allows transformations on variables in a data set by directly using the variable names in expressions. This streamlines data transformations and makes for shorter, more readable programs. GAUSS's Source Level Debugger greatly simplifies program development. With all of the features you would expect in a dedicated debugging system, you can quickly identify and solve program logic errors at run time.

The Language

As a complete programming language, the GAUSS system is both flexible and powerful. Immediately available to the GAUSS user is a wide variety of statistical, mathematical and matrix handling routines. GAUSS can be used either interactively for short one-off commands or by creating large programs consisting of several files and libraries of functions, or anything in between.

Visualization and Presentation


- Windows 32-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
- Windows 64-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
- Windows Server 64-bit: 2008 and above
- Mac 64-bit: Mac OSX 10.7 and above
- Linux 64-bit: Red Hat 6.X+/CentOS/Ubuntu

Hardware Requirements

- Harddrive: minimum 400MB
- RAM: minimum 1GB / 4GB or more recommended


GAUSS regression plot
GAUSS's high resolution graphics gives you powerful ways to visually analyze your data and present your findings. A wide choice of graphing options are available to you, including 2D, 3D, surface, contour, polar and log graphs, as well as bar graphs, histograms, box graphs and more. Graphs can be placed in individual overlapping or tiled windows on a single page. You can export graphics files in a number of popular formats, including JPEG, SVG, PNG, PostScript and EPS formats, for use in page layout and presentation packages, and GAUSS includes support for a wide range of output devices.

The Tools You Need

GAUSS has over 400 highly-optimized mathematical functions built in, including routines for matrix factorizations, decompositions, eigenvalues, distributions and equation solving functions, to provide you with all the tools you need to solve your most difficult problems. You can easily customize or add to the GAUSS function library, and optional modules provide access to many other specialized capabilities.

The GAUSS Run-Time Module (GRTM) allows users to distribute GAUSS applications that they have written to people who do not have GAUSS. Developers distribute a compiled file to end users along with the GRTM. This is available with GAUSS at no extra charge.

Other important features include: data import/export compatibility with spreadsheets, CSV files and many databases; multiple long period, modern random number generators; built-in functions for efficiently handling sparse data and multi-dimensional arrays; and a simple interface for incorporating your favorite compiled C, C++ and FORTRAN programs directly into GAUSS programs.

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