Introducing the Gauss Mathematical and Statistical System

GAUSS is a fast, powerful, highly adaptive suite of analytical software and tools. Its flexible matrix language, intuitive interfaces and powerful applications enable swift transformation of data and ideas into action. From prototype to production, GAUSS has the tools you need to get the job done.

  • GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System An easy-to-use data analysis, mathematical and statistical environment based on the powerful, fast and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language.
  • GAUSS Engine The GAUSS Engine lets you seamlessly integrate GAUSS applications with practically any production environment, or distribute GAUSS functionality within custom software - royalty free!
  • GAUSS Applications Pre-written, customizable GAUSS programs designed to increase user productivity and extend GAUSS functionality in the fields of statistics, finance, engineering, physics, risk analysis and more.
  • Third Party Applications Related software programs developed by third-party vendors. Many of these products are pre-written, customizable programs written in the GAUSS Programming Language, as well as tools and utilities to get the job done, and get it done FAST!
  • Introducing GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System

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    Great Features GAUSS

      Flexible Data Handling
    • CSV, Excel, Databases and more
    • Speed
    • Fast and efficient from the laptop to the cluster
    • Unlimited thread creation
      Fully Customizable
    • Bring ideas to life in an environment built to express math and statistics
    • Excellent Support
    • Professional GAUSS experts ready to assist
    • Find out why people love our attentive and knowledgable support team

    Flexible Data Integration

    List of what it can work with, export to, etc

    Microsoft Excel


    Feature/Benefit GAUSS GAUSS Engine
    Full-featured user interface
    Read and write CSV and Excel data
    Database support with custom drivers
    High quality graphics
    Interactive graphics editing
    Full suite of tools for modeling and analysis
    Call other code in C/C++ of Fortran
    Embed GAUSS in web and enterprise applications
    Embed GAUSS in desktop applications

    Why You'll Love Our Platform

    From physics to finance, we know that those using our platform need flexibility, and GAUSS assists people in getting the most out of their data.

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    Industry Solutions

    For professionals in data-driven disciplines from finance to physics, GAUSS has long been the go-to source for specialized models, techniques and applications. However, GAUSS is also a comprehensive environment that gives you everything you need to develop, adapt, execute and generate publication quality graphics for virtually any problem or project.


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