GAUSS Engine

GAUSS Engine

Supercharge your analytics!

Stay ahead of the competition by adding the SPEED, POWER and FLEXIBLITY of the GAUSS mathematical and statistical platform to your desktop, enterprise or web applications.

Used in 100's of Major Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, NGO's, Government and International Banks


Discover how GAUSS 24 can help you accomplish more!



Create and customize cutting-edge analytics using the GAUSS platform 10-40x faster than with traditional environments.



Connect your GAUSS analytics directly into almost any production environment or data source.



Directly deploy your GAUSS project in enterprise, desktop or web-applications.

High Performance Integration

  • Fast: Share data 100x faster than over the network with native language bindings.
  • Scalable: Execute multiple, separate algorithms simultaneously with sandboxed containers.
  • Flexible: Sandboxed containers can persist for subsequent operations.
  • Lightweight: Optional low-level controls allow power users to greatly decrease memory usage and latency.

GAUSS in Web Applications

  • Accessible: Interface with any client or language which supports HTTP, such as JavaScript.
  • Easy: Configure paths with simple GAUSS commands.
  • Secure: Supports SSL for encrypted communication.
  • Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Modern: Supports RESTful API’s.
  • Compatible: Sends and receives data in a universally supported data format (JSON).

GAUSS in Business Intelligence Software

  • Accessible: Run GAUSS analytics and receive results from anything with a network connection.
  • Supported: Use HTTP functionality already built into Tableau, Salesforce and other BI dashboards—no third party add-ons required.
  • Compatible: Sends and receives data in a universally supported data format (JSON).
  • Confidence: Integration consulting services and support available.

Why the GAUSS Engine?


The interactive and intuitive nature of the GAUSS platform allows you to develop and customize, even complex analytics, 10-40x faster than traditional languages. While the GAUSS platform allows you to develop new ideas as quickly as a prototyping environment, unlike a prototyping environment, the robust GAUSS mathematical engine is fast enough that you will be happy to place it into production.


The native code of the GAUSS Engine has minimal dependencies, which allow it to run on many platforms and to easily interface with:

  • Web applications written in PHP, Python or Java
  • Enterprise applications written in C#, C/C++, Java or Python
  • Traditional, Big-Data and NoSQL databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, HBase, Hive and MongoDB
  • BI Dashboards

No matter what applications and data sources your organization uses, the GAUSS Engine can be integrated into your system.

Powerful and Extensible

The base version of the GAUSS Engine comes with more than 1000 mathematical and statistical functions. Pre-built, customizable modules are also available for specific applications, such as constrained optimization, Bayesian estimation, discrete choice modelling, machine learning and time series. The GAUSS Engine can also call functions from other libraries written in C/C++, or Fortran.

Lightweight and Scalable

The core of GAUSS is written almost entirely in C. This allows GAUSS to be light-weight enough to be run on small devices, or run thousands of concurrent sessions on a small web server. Conversely, it also allows GAUSS to harness all the computing power of a large cluster.

The GAUSS Engine allows you to create independent workspaces like separate copies of the GAUSS platform, which can be quickly created and destroyed on demand. Your main program can communicate with these workspaces; they can run the same analysis on different data, or each run something completely different. Since even a modest server can create thousands of GAUSS Workspaces almost instantaneously, the GAUSS Engine can easily scale with your demand.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Create your algorithm once in the GAUSS Engine and re-use it on any platform GAUSS supports. No wasted time reworking for different platforms.

Key Features

  • Pass in-memory data to and from the GAUSS Engine.
  • Multi-threaded and thread-safe.
  • Ability to compile GAUSS code locates many errors right away and protects your intellectual property.
  • Distribute stand-alone applications which can be run on machines without the GAUSS platform installed.
  • GAUSS Engine workspaces are lightweight, allowing for excellent scalability.
  • More than 1000 standard built-in functions for data analysis, including many native and ODBC database drivers.

What comes with the GAUSS Engine?

  • The full GAUSS mathematical and statistical platform for easy creation and debugging of your data analysis.
  • The GAUSS Engine shared library which you use to distribute the power of the GAUSS platform.
  • A full set of examples and documentation.
GAUSS Engine


Q: Which platforms does GAUSS support?

A: The GAUSS Engine runs on Windows, Linux and macOS

Q: How do I interact with the GAUSS Engine from a C++/C#/Java/PHP/Python program?

A: Distribute the GAUSS Engine shared library along with a compiled GAUSS file. Create and control GAUSS Engine workspaces as objects in C++/Java/PHP/Python, etc.

Q: What is involved in compiling a GAUSS file? Is it hard?

A: Compiling a GAUSS file is easy. Simply enter the command 'compile' followed by the name of your GAUSS file and you are done.

Supported OS

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Many Data Sources Supported, Including:

  • File Based

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • HDF5
  • SAS
  • Stata
  • Text delimited files
  • Relational DB

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • No SQL/Big Data

  • HBase
  • Hive
  • MongoDB


GAUSS Platform

GAUSS Platform

An easy-to-use data analysis and visualization environment based on the powerful, fast and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language.

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GAUSS Engine

GAUSS Engine

Prototype to production: Embed custom GAUSS analytics directly in enterprise or web-applications.

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GAUSS Application Modules

GAUSS Application

Customizable programs that extend the GAUSS platform in the fields of econometrics, finance, risk analysis, statistics and more.

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